The Hungarian horse has been in this country longer than any other European warmblood and has also been the best kept secret. They have been sold selectively here for over 50 years. Many highly respected riders have been very competing with their Hungarian Horses. Linda Tellington  Jones rode Hungarian Pallo as a hunter and in endurance,as well as Hungarian Duma in steeplechase. She road H. Nicsak in combined training and dressage, H. Brado as a hunter and placed in the top 10 at a Tevis Cup endurance race. Olympic medalist, Hilda Gurney, rode H. Pasha in dressage. Kerry Milliken with HMS Dash was also on an Olympic team. Jo Struby won numerous awards eventing with H. Nicholas. Several world championship medals have been won by Hungarian teams, and the list goes on. Hungarians are exceptional athletes with heart and an endearing quality that will win you over at first meeting.
             HS KING'S DREAM      
  Sire:Wishes & Dreams by Weltmeyer
  Dam: Hungarian Sorsha sired by Hungarian Taltos
 King has been a Dream of a Stallion! He shined in both Dressage and Jumpers. He has passed now but his heritage lives on!

The pride of our breeding program. This lovely stallion foals are wonderful for both Dressage and Jumping. He is 16.3 hands and stamps all his babes with his extreme good looks, conformation, and talent. Always happy to work and a dream to handle in the breeding shed.  I have all he equipment and training to breed your mare AI here at the Ranch with Fresh semen or cooled semen available for shipping.
       Service Fee          $1000.00 
       Collection fee         $150.00
Mare care $10.00 per day
Shipping Fee mare owner must pay 
Cool River Judgements Sire, Grandsire and Great Grandsire
Cool River Judgement
Sire:  HS King's Dream by Wishes&Dreams By Weltmeyer
Dam: Gee Zee xx By Night Zeppelin xx out of Gee I'm Sweet

Video of Judgement 
WELTMEYER - Hanoverian
Weltmeyer is a Legend! As the AHA put it "Weltmeyer continues to almost single-handedly reshape the Hanoverian Breed. As of today he has 70 Licenced sons all of them excellent Stallions. Weltmeyer has a value index of 152 points with an assurance of 99% heritability, from the German Equestrian Federation.
Even though Wishes & Dreams life was cut short at the young age of 10. His True Legacy is in his foals. He was a lovely, Talanted stallion that brought Charlene Summers to breeder of the year. He himself is a FEI Champion and his sons and Daughters dominate the Dressage world. This stallion is the best in Producing GREAT Temperament, and Trainability.
Hungarian Taltos
Pictured with Steve Cooksley his breeder. Taltos produced many of our champion Hungarian Horses. Used Exclusively on the Cooksley Ranch as a breeding sire he improved the Hungarian horse with his beautiful conformation and wonderful Temperament.
Shown extensively and very successfully by Linda Tellington-Jones. "H. Brado has for several years been demonstrating unusual versatility. He won Best conditioned Horse Award in the Colorado 100 mile Endurance Ride in 1968. Only five weeks later he was both champion Hunter and Champion Jumper at the Concord, California Hunter / Jumper Trial. He has won the open Jumping Gamblers Stakes in Oakland International horse show two years in a row. He placed top 10 in the Tevis Cup 100 mile one day ride only one week after the Oakland International. In this occasion he drew position 127 in a field of 127 and had to pass more horses than any horse in he history of the ride to achieve his final position. He has been champion of  3-day Events so many times that it would require more space than available here to recite his record. Brado also worked in the movies on top of his heavy competitive schedule."