My Siberian Border Collie puppies have superior intelligence and train-ability along with the gentle kind nature of the Siberian. Average weight around 50lbs with your choice of coats. I have both coats available. The easy to manage low coat, and elegant  long Coat. Most of puppies are Blue eyed.
Siberian Border Collies
Mother Baby
Siberian Husky
Father Traveler
Border Collie

Light Blue Collar Male  (Black Tuxedo) Adopted

Green Collar Female (Black Tuxedo) Adopted
Red Collar Female (Black and White)
Blue collar Male ( White and Sable) Reserved
Orange collar female (White and Black)
Pink collar Female ( Black and White) Adopted
Purple Collar Female (Black and White) Adopted
Yellow collar Female (Sable and white) Adopted
Peach collar Female ( White and Black) Adopted
Lt Blue collar Female ( White and Tan) Adopted